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Account Deleted

I always love reading your posts Tamara, it is like we are twins - I know we are SISTERS!


I love this!!! I've always felt I was great at balancing things until my baby came into my life. Now it's hard finding time for anything else let alone me. But just yesterday I promised to do some type of self healing everyday. Hot bath, read a great book, meditate or what I lack the most sleep. It was so fun reading this blog. It's just what I've been feeling and struggling with. Thanks!

Lois Buchanan

My New Year's resolution this year was to take care of me! Feeling a little selfish so thank you for the validation. (Happy you're back!!!)


I enjoy dropping in on your blog and "catching up" with you once in awhile. Sounds like you've got a lot going on! I wish you the very best.

Ashley Potter

Thanks Tamara, Just what I needed today, very uplifting & helpful. Sure love ya!

Mary Burns

What a great message and an important reminder for us all, Tamara! Like most women, I too struggle with trying to cram too much into my already overflowing list of things to do, and yet at the same time feeling guilty about not doing enough or being enough. It is so easy to be deceived by the abundance of good things that this mortal world has to offer. I believe that this is the reason why we need to constantly seek direction from our Father in Heaven. He will remind us of what is really important. A wise person once said that if we do the things which the Lord would have us do, we will not miss anything that is worthwhile. Thanks, Tamara!


keep writing!! miss you and love you!

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