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Beautiful post.


I love that picture of the Savior and his Mother. I think I cried all over my computer. Thank goodness my computer is waterproof. I love a picture that shows the Savior in two different ways...as a perfect God...but also a human son. How is that possible? In my brain that all makes sense and makes me love him more. He is just like me...but way better. Does that make sense? Through him I can see my potential. His condescension was the only way from him to show us it is possible to be something more than we are. Thanks Tam! xoxo

Ashley Potter

Today I read a quote, "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to have a life" And I thought . . yes I'm so tired of picking up after everyone, the cleaning, the cooking the picking up . . .i must get away from these people who enslave me so I can have a life! Then right at that moment my 1 year old walked over to me arms out stretched and said "mama kiss." Pure joy filled my heart completely. The dark feelings I just had where gone and I thought, this is what life IS all about no amount of vacations can bring instant & lasting joy like that. I realized I need to focus on what matters in mothering like connecting to my children and the Savior. I need an "extreme make over." Thanks for the uplifing message I have been inspired and moved to change. And I cried my eyes out, so grateful to be a mother. Love ya Tamara!

Megan Ann Rasmussen

I love you, Tamara! Thank you for your phone call the other day. I felt your love and support. We are all in this together--perfectly imperfect.

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