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Terrie Walker

In seeking, you will find . . . .

Sarah Anne Affleck

Tamara - I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog, but I've been following it for a while now. I'm your cousin David's wife, in case you didn't know. :)

Anyway, I just have to say your blog and thoughts are exactly what we need more of. How can we combat Satan and his ever-strengthening forces when, for us mothers, our internet world is bombarded with blogs of every temporal kind, raging from fashion to home decor, crafts and over-the-top food and treats, etc. These things are wonderful in their own place and in moderation (focusing on them, I mean), but I've noticed that among the LDS/Christian bloggers/website-runners, these types of blogs and websites run rampant. Where are blogs about raising families in Christ-centered homes? Where are the blogs that, instead of showing us how to keep up with the Joneses by throwing extravagant birthday parties for 4 year olds, they show us/give ideas for how to teach our children to work, to be grateful, to be good examples, where we share our testimonies and even our struggles through a gospel and eternal point of view? Why aren't they the ones running rampant in the LDS/Christian cirlces? Things ARE out of focus, things ARE unbalanced, but I am encouraged by your site and what your focus is. I pray people will be exposed to your site (I mentioned it on my family blog and on Facebook more than once, tho I'm now off FB), and that you will be blessed as you do the Lord's work by by helping us, your readers, remember why we are here, what our purpose is, and what our focus should be. Blessings to you and your family!

Ashley Potter

Another great and uplifting thought. Thanks Tamara. We too recently returned from a trip. I came back appreciating the difference in culture. Too often I get caught up in the "thick of thin things" as Pres. Monson would say. I agree with Sarah on some of the blogs out there! Your blog doesn't make me feel depressed about my life. :) I'm so glad you stayed in your PJs and read a book. Great Idea! The laundry will always be there waiting for us.

Janice Hall

Hi Tamara,

I'm in Cabo relaxing and enjoying the good life. I love your messages!! They are so timely and insightful. Keep up the writing.



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